Areas of Expertise

  • Alcohol Testing
  • All Blood Testing Methods for
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Analytical Intruments
  • Breath Testing for Alcohol
  • Drug Testing
  • Test results and their relations to impairment, behavior and/or accidents
  • Urine Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Vitreous Humor Testing

Our experts have unparalleled credentials and are highly accomplished, each having at least one terminal degree (M.D., Ph.D., Pharm. D, J.D. in addition to other graduate degrees)

Recent News

Expert Impeachment

In Ad-Vantage Telephone Directory Consultants, Inc. v. GTE Directories Corp. (11th Cir. 1994) 37 F.3d 1460, the reviewing court held it was improper to impeach an expert witness (an accountant) with a prior bankruptcy proceeding, with his having borrowed money from clients (ethically questionable but not relevant to his truthfulness as an expert), and various grievance procedures against […]

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History of The Breathalyzer

The History of Alcohol Testing has an Interesting Path You could say that drunk driving has been around since people started riding horses, but it was when we transitioned to metal horses that the need for regulation became a necessity, since the chance of mass fatalities had just rapidly increased. Alcohol testing was first used […]

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A Drop of The Past

Blood Testing – A Past That Can’t Be Outrun There’s a new test on the block, which can identify viruses that were in your system. The new blood testing method known as VirScan is able to detect the presence of multiple viruses in your history and acts as an alternative to regular sampling methods, which […]

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Dram Shop Law 101

Dram Shop Law in California – What You Need to Know Alcohol consumption and distribution affects many people – it is important that you stay on top of the laws – such as dram shop – that govern this area of business and socializing. The nature of dram shop makes it something that should be […]

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