Our experts have legitimate credentials and are highly accomplished, each having at least one terminal degree (M.D., Ph.D., Pharm. D, J.D. in addition to other graduate degrees)


Discovery Request Documents

The standard discovery request items list is below at the link.  Please cut and paste into your subpoena and/or discovery request.

Lab Discovery Request

Curriculum Vitae of Okorie Okorocha

Okorie Okorocha CV

If you need explanations of why these items are needed to explain to the Judge or opposing counsel, click on the link below.


The Blueprint of how to cross a toxicologist.  In this case, Alan Hiti, M.D., Ph.D., is cross-examined by OKORIE OKOROCHA of TOXICOLAWGY.COM.

Blueprint for Toxicologist deposition of USC professor Alan Hiti, M.D.. Ph.D.

Katie Lester cross of a toxicologist “expert.”

Katie Lester Cross Examination

Ben Scarfe skewers John Paul Lopez

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