Areas of Expertise

  • Alcohol Testing
  • All Blood Testing Methods for
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Analytical Intruments
  • Breath Testing for Alcohol
  • Drug Testing
  • Test results and their relations to impairment, behavior and/or accidents
  • Urine Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Vitreous Humor Testing

Our experts have unparalleled credentials and are highly accomplished, each having at least one terminal degree (M.D., Ph.D., Pharm. D, J.D. in addition to other graduate degrees)

Recent News

The False Positive Dilemma

False Positives when Testing Blood aren’t Avoidable Although movies show scientists in lab coats testing strange samples using pipettes and syringes, the reality is far different. Oftentimes, a mechanized chemistry analyzer conducts hospital blood tests, including blood alcohol tests. However, this does not rule out the potential for false positives, as outlined below. What is […]

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California’s Trial Lawyer of the Year ROBERT SIMONon OKORIE OKOROCHA

I deposed expert toxicologist expert Vina Spiehler last week. I hired our very own Okorie Okorocha, M.S., M.S., ESQ. as a consultant and he took the first half of the deposition. He is a certified expert in the field and has battled her many times. He spent the first hour of the deposition destroying the […]

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The Ethical Expert Witness

What is an Ethical Expert Witness? If you have been accused of a crime that requires the specialized interpretation of facts, you would, of course, want an ethical expert witness to help prove your innocence. What makes someone an expert witness, though, and what ethical code of conduct do they comply with? Below, renowned expert […]

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Forensic Law Embracing the 21st Century

Like most fields, the practice of law has been substantially influenced by the technological advances of the 21st century. Law firms not only run their business and interact with their clients in different ways but they frequently make use of websites, social media, and SEO to advertise their services. In the case of forensic lawyers, […]

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