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Sanchez error

The trial court committed Sanchez error by allowing the prosecutor to cross-examine defendant’s PTSD expert using testimonial hearsay from police reports. (721)
The trial court abused its discretion and violated defendant’s confrontation clause rights under People v. Sanchez (2016) 63 Cal.4th 665, by allowing the prosecutor to relate case-specific testimonial hearsay from the police reports to the jury during cross-examination of the defense expert. The error was harmless where the incident in question would not have impacted the jury’s assessment of defendant’s credibility.
People v. Malik ____ Cal.App.5th ____, ____ Cal.Rptr.3d ____, 2017 D.A.R 10029 (3rd Dist. 2017) October 24, 2017 (C080291) 

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