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So I was unaware. I didn’t know. So I was trying to see if I can get that not to be held against me because I know that’s going to carry, that right there is the reason why I’m going to get so much time and I feel like I wasn’t represented right because the whole time during the trial I didn’t get any motions filed in my behalf. Like I feel like I could have at least gotten something a little bit more reasonable because I didn’t get a chance to get any motions filed or anything else like that.

So I feel that should be grounds for like a retrial because I didn’t get a chance to like get any motions in. We didn’t do any expert investigation type work. And I didn’t have any transcript the whole time we were doing the trial. I did not get a chance to look over my trial or nothing and, my constitutional rights, I should have paperwork and transcripts. I didn’t have anything [this] whole time.

(3RT  [*18] at 439-41.)

Petitioner then asked the court for leniency, based on the fact that he was a family man with a wife and two daughters, he was not in a gang, and he went to church. (3RT at 441.) The court then imposed the sentence and advised Petitioner of his right to appeal. (3RT at 441-44.) The court then addressed Petitioner’s comments about his retained counsel, as follows:

I’ll also indicate that [Petitioner] has indicated that he is not represented right. Two things I want to mention in this case. Mr. Okorocha is privately retained counsel, and I think he is not only a competent attorney but quite an excellent one. He got rid of count 1 which is the life tail count not exposing [Petitioner] on the life charge in this case.

[I]n regards to the handling and calling of the experts and whatnot in this particular case, I will indicate for the record that a defendant has no right to the defense of his choice or the defense tactic of his choice, it belongs to the lawyer and the lawyer did a good job in this case and I cite [People v. Vaughn (1969) 71 Cal.2d 406, 78 Cal. Rptr. 186, 455 P.2d 122].

(3RT at 445.)

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