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Make or Break Your Case with an Expert Witness

Expert witnessAn Expert Witness to Help Win Your Case

Expert witnesses play an integral part in court cases that require interpretation and analyses of data that is difficult to understand by a layman. Often, expert witnesses are called in when a case involves scientific or technical aspects, as they are both knowledgeable and experienced in their field of study as well as the law. With an expert witness on your side, the possibility of success is much higher than it would be without a highly skilled academic helping your case.

Experts Vs. Expert Witnesses
Expert witnesses differ from someone who is simply an expert in a specific field, as they possess not only specific expertise but also an understanding of the law. Experts are people that are highly knowledgeable in specific areas of study, such as biology or toxicology, as they have gone above and beyond the usual level of study in order to become exceedingly qualified in their field. Expert witnesses, on the other hand, are not only very knowledgeable but also have experience relaying information and using their expertise in a court of law.

The Role and Duty of an Expert Witness
Because expert witnesses are called on to testify in court, they need to be able to explain something to a judge and jury who may not otherwise have understood the complex facts. They will analyze data and perform tests on samples if provided, then form an opinion based on facts. These facts as well as the opinion of the expert witness are then delivered to the court, who are able to question the witness in order to understand the factual basis of the case.

Although an expert witness can form an opinion based on facts, they remain neutral in relation to the case. Expert witnesses cannot change or alter their findings in order to help win a case, and should not be paid based on the outcome of the cases they assist with as this can lead to biased results. If an expert witness appears prejudiced towards the client they are hired by their findings can be dismissed, which can severely affect the outcome of a case. A compromised witness is an ineffectual witness.

How Can an Expert Witness Make or Break Your Case?
Without an expert witness to explain data and evidence, members of the court can become lost in jargon and thus misinterpret or even pass over important facts. These witnesses are able to explain complex findings in concise manners so as to assist lawyers and attorneys with their cases. Contrary to what you might see in movies or on TV, it is often the expertise provided by knowledgeable academics and experienced witnesses that help make or break a case. Lawyers and attorneys need to call on witnesses to provide evidence, but using the wrong witness can cause more harm than good. This is why using an expert witness to not only analyze data but also provide the court with accurate testimonies that often sway the jury’s opinion.

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